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Wedding Cake at Pier One Sydney

First real blog post.

I delivered a 3 tier wedding cake at Pier One last Saturday. Now I remember why I don't do much of wedding cakes....they are stressful! Delivering a wedding cake in Sydney these days are so hard as there's so much traffic and one way turns and closed roads because of the road works around Sydney CBD.

I normally do novelty cakes, cute cartoons, figurines, 3D carved cakes. I love making them and to see the birthday boy or girl happy and excited and in awe of their cake makes it all worth while. But I forgot that I love making elegant style wedding, engagement, and celebration cakes as well. It just looks so clean, smooth and did I say clean? I love them.

So maybe I should start marketing myself as a wedding cake maker as well. Hmmm...not sure if I can handle the stress lol.

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Birthday Cakes around Sydney Eastern Suburbs
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